A aerial view of enormous stones arranged in a circle on lush grass.
From the center working outwards, an engineer places solid glass onto an enormous white circular disk with honeycomb latticing to create a component for a Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.
Black and white photograph of a birds eye view of shards of pottery spread out haphazardly across a rectangular cloth.
Satellite view of Hurricane Lane in the Pacific Ocean, swirls of white clouds spinning counterclockwise around a pinhole recess in the center.
A row of three simple geometric patterns, vaguely resembling flowers, are drawn with various colors, in the bottom right hand corner, a complicated multilayered iteration.
An annotated diagram of the Arecibo message, this binary code is displayed as pixelated drawings atop vertical gridded banners.
In the center, far off in the distance is the island, Little Rock, Palau. It is surrounded by light blue water and crystal clear sky.
An outdoor view of the cave structure, Fingal’s Cave, where the vertical basalt columns along the side have a surface texture quality that of computer graphic rendering.
A map by Marie Tharp and Bruze Heezen, of the Atlantic Ocean floor, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge feels as if it were embossed due to the intense topographical detail.
Detailed cross section of a tree, fine blue lines against a white background expose the growth rings.
A map view of the western half of the land known as the USA showing irregular and often overlapping shapes representing the territoires of many indigenous tribes including the Nuu-agha-tuvu-pu, the Shoshone-Bannock, and the Northern Paiute, among others.
A rocky area shows the distinct layering of sedimentary rock, with slight curvatures and color differentiations
A black and white illustration of Somerset House displaying the interior view of the vaults at the Registrar-General's Office in 1863. Ample archival materials are seen shelved in large hallways.
Satellite image of the spread of a catastrophic campfire in Paradise, California. Billowing dense white smoke, with flashes of red sweeping down diagonally across the frame.
A black and white image of a series of architectural fragments, shards, and vessels that lie on a rectangular surface on the ground. The image itself is taped against a white background with blue tape.
Grayscale image of a Neo-Assyrian clay tablet with markings on the surface depicting a star chart, an area on either side worn down.
The speckled skull of an unknown hominid against a black background.
Aerial view of two beached sperm whales, parallel to the tide, surrounded by people attempting to help and onlookers.
Utilizing purely straight line and circles, a simplified iteration of the Golden Ratio diagram, circles getting incrementally smaller in a clockwise rotation, curling into itself like a snail.
Satellite view of Mount Lico in Mozambique, a flat top cone structure with a forest atop, granite all around.
A close-up of an architectural excavation revealing the bone fragments of a small child, covered in red ochre staining
A black and white image of an archeological excavation, showing flat areas of ground dug in neat squares. The image itself is taped against a white background with green tape.
Centerview, the partially constructed Vera C. Rubin Observatory at sunset, overlooking clouds and the Andes mountain ranges.
Against the backdrop of a snow capped mountain and sunset sky, a cluster of large white telescopes populate the Atacama desert.
Images of mammal brains of various sizes on a bright blue solid background. They are organized in five rows to show their morphology.
Aerial view of an Amazonian area densely packed with tall lush trees. In the background, a river is visible. The sunset creates pink and orange tones in the sky.
An image of a simple cover for the publication. Blue letters on a white background, with the title, “Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication”, at the top center, and the NASA logo and other publication information near mid center.
A black and white, low-angle shot of the avant-garde musician, Albert Ayler, playing the saxophone with their body slightly contorted, a microphone in the upper right hand corner.
Aerial view of Muslim pilgrims circling the Kaaba counterclockwise, a highly coordinated uniformity by the crowd is illustrated by hundreds of concentric fine lines.
Four quadrants format meme, referencing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an image of a tide pod as “famine”, Ugandan Knuckles as “War”, Logan Paul as “Death”, and the “Lost Spaghet” as “pestilence”.
A diagram with concentric circles delineating different zones of personal space
An old landscape color photograph depicts three long hospital buildings with aluminum roofs on Moen Island. In the background there is a faint view of the ocean and in the foreground there is a couple palm trees and various shrubbery.
In the foreground, an outdoor balcony of a restaurant, with people overlooking an immense view of the snow-capped mountains in the resort area of Chamonix, France.
A vintage photograph of an Apsaroke burial platform, a basic structure made of long logs holds a corpse wrapped in a white blanket up high.
Birds eye view of a pair of white gloved hands cupped, within it, an apple sized eyeball with a crystal blue iris gazes up.
A Sony compact disc, a series of concentric parts, with harmonic gradients of colors on a semi reflective surface.
Film still from Blade Runner, the word “SONY” glows across the left hand side of this towering structure, illuminated on either side with blue and pink lights, a cyberpunk night scene.
In the foreground, the ocean surface, the body of water rises up along the left hand side and curls into itself, white foam erupting on the right.
Oblique aerial photography of jagged mountains in the midground, the overall terrain covered in snow.
[ID: An slightly blurry and warped image of a skeleton on a rocky ground reflected vertically.
A view of the Atacama showing vast landscapes of sand and mountain, reverberating into the horizon
A curved bookshelf filled with various colored books extends leftward out of sight, the rows extend up to the ceiling.
An aerial view of a dark ripply ocean at dusk. Small waves in the distance become slightly and progressively larger. The wave closest to the foreground begins to break at the center.
A coronavirus particle under an electron microscope, a luminescent blue globular structure covered in yellow granular specks.
Satellite view of a lush green landscape in Quebec, Canada. Lake Manicouagan, at its center, an ominous circular morphology, webbed and splintered in various cardinal directions.
Towards the upper left corner is the Earth, the South Pole at the top, surrounded by an expansive darkness.
A diagram of 18 globes on a white background, each one marked with a unique series of blue rings alluding to the process of finding Twelve Earths’ ring.
A handmade blanket against a white backdrop, an assortment of square, geometric shapes of various warm toned colors on a light beige base.
An aerial view of a nuclear induced pockmarked desert, the Yucca Flat. In the foreground, a bold circular outline of a road that loops in on itself.
An aerial view of the Carrara marble quarry, its surface chalk white with a series of machine carved edges throughout and a steep road zigzagging up along the left.
Close up of sea waves breaking, brimming with white frothy foam and illuminated by a warm lightsource out of frame.
A stone with simple faces carved into opposing sides.
The glass for the 5th GMT mirror segment in the University of Arizona’s revolving furnace for spin-casting giant telescope mirrors, housed underneath the university football stadium.
Simple gif of Pangea, where the lines used to illustrate the globe with its supercontinent are neon green against a black backdrop.
A slightly discolored black and white image depicting close continuous rows of a choir of girls in mid song. They all wear white button up blouses with a scarves tied around the collars.
Satellite view of Enewetak Atoll, a wobbly circular coastline with a light blue inner glow against the deeper surrounding waters.
In the distance, two people are playfully interacting with one another underwater, suspended in crystal clear blue with subtle rays of sunlight.
The trading floor of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, with a small opening in the middle, rows of long desks gridded with cubicles face inwards along a series of concentric circles.
Aerial view of people gathering, spontaneously forming a large circle-like form around a performer.
A green toned satellite image of the Ries Crater, nestled in the center, surrounded by a web of rivers, the outlines of a crater.
Four blue icons, hand drawn, from top left, clockwise, a warning sign typically regarding radiation, an alchemical symbol for gold, a hobo symbol, and lastly an ancient Chinese ideogram for sunrise.
A black and white image of a man standing besides a rudimentary box with a telescope emerging from it, looking like a devotionally-made home observatory
Black silhouettes of a blue whale and the Mayflower on a white background, parallel to one another and similar in length.
A map with an undulating horizontal red line across it, a conceptual artwork by Michael Jones McKean to determine the longest straight-line route around the earth.
A person on the left hand side, mostly out of frame, gently tosses into the air a smartphone displaying an image of the moon on a black background.
A lump of coal, the surface is generally matte black with small areas of reflective sheen that highlight the jagged texture.
Aerial view of an enormous open pit mine in eastern Russia, building structures in the foreground, miniature in comparison.
Satellite view of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand, a dark green cone with a snow capped tip, just inland of the coast.
Arranged in two rows and five columns are ten diagrams of terrain and vegetation symbology used within cartography, a variety of textural markings.
A compact cassette tape on a white background, the upper label is clean and blank while the bottom one is discolored.
Hubble’s famed Ultra Deep Field Photograph showing clusters of various galaxies and stars in various hues on a black background.
A satellite image of a dark ocean with a large spiral forming in the waters. A section of land is visible in the bottom right corner.
Symbol of the “Twelve Earth Glyphs”, a vertical line bisects a large circle in the center, twelve smaller circles populate the outer diameter. Two of those circles, which face each other at a diagonal, have a small point within.
In centerview, amidst junkyard trash, The Kola Superdeep Borehole, a circular rusty metal lid marked “12.226” on top.
A white page with bright blue characters in rows, aligned to the left. The characters are mostly diamonds, single vertical lines, cubes and right angles. The rows on the bottom half of the page start with characters made up of a cube with vertical or diagonal lines inside them.
Albert Ayler performing with his brother, Donald, at John Coltrane’s funeral. Leaning back and slightly blurred in motion, an intense spirit is conveyed.
Down inside an archeological dig site, various colored containers are left out, prominent against the muted dirt.
Profile of an octopus on a soft white background, it has a ghostly appearance with muted pink undertones, gazing off towards the right hand side.
A black and white image of a concrete structure in a vast, empty, and dry grassland. The structure is a section of thick wall with one diagonal side leading to the top.
The remains of Homo Naledi laid out, a skeletal structure surrounded by an exquisite constellation of fragments.
Aerial view of Cape Canaveral, in the center, a towering column of white smoke being produced by a rocket hurtling towards the cloudy heavens.
Birds eye view of a thin brown line, made up of gnat larvae, forming a circle, the surface of the ground beneath is dry and rocky.
A ceramic tin-glazed earthenware plate is displayed upright, in the center, in baby blue text, it reads “You & i are Earth” and just below “1661”.
Aerial view of a flat desert landscape with a dark orange surface, in the far distance is a lone tree surrounded by vaguely circular patches of barren land.
Close up of the hand, perhaps a runway model, their hand slightly obscured from the wrist down by a bracelet with a golden tassel skirt.
A film still from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey” depicting a symmetrical, skyward camera angle, cropping the top of the monolith, in precise alignment with a crescent moon.
Black and white photograph of the surface of a large body of water, nothing else in sight but the texture of ripples.
Zoomed in shot of a pair of hands holding up an enormous, button bespeckled boombox, the “Clairtone 7985 Promax J-1 Super Jumbo”.
Aerial photography in black and white of dozens of children playing with hula hoops outdoors.
Map displaying objects orbiting the earth, centerview, a circle made up of a narrow band, densely speckled with white dots that get sporadic further out.
An ocean of water. The horizon line divides the image in half—the lower half being the ocean surface, the upper half a cloudless sky, a lighter shade of blue, with a soft orange gradient along the horizon.
Centerview, a photograph of the Earths on a black background, covered in oceans and clouds but seemingly void of land.
Back turned, a figure swings a flensing knife from above their head down onto a gorey mass of whale carcass.
On the steps of the Ganges River in India, three corpses wrapped in orange cloth are prepared for cremation, bystanders look on.
A fragment of an ink illustration on paper created by Charles Darwin displaying an early drawing of the evolutionary tree of species with some margin notes.
Closeup view from above, of orange colored ants forming a tight knit circle around a droplet of water on a vibrant green leaf.
The magician Roy Horn gets Mantecore, a white Bengal tiger, to stand on its hind legs during a performance on stage, while Siegfried Fischbacher gestures from behind and audience members watch from below.
A black and white image of a large group of people gathered in circles, leaving the empty space of a circle delineated by their collective bodies
A rendering of the Earth with Antarctica in centerview, the icy landmass surrounded by mostly water, with the southern tips of various continents slightly in view.
Known as the Dymaxion map, a blue toned map of the Earth where triangles make up the basic unit, the layout akin to a foldable shape template.
Satellite view of the Great Blue Hole, in the lower left a dark turquoise sinkhole nestled amidst reefs and surrounded by water of a lighter bluer shade.
An ancient bristlecone pine, gnarled and bare, growing on a harsh desert slope, documented from a low vantage point against a clear blue sky.
Simple diagram of a crudely drawn circle, with the words “outside” written parallel to one another, one “inside” the circle and “outside”.
Aerial view of the Atacama desert in Chile, a long road winds up towards a raised terrain, atop which, the Paranal Observatory.
A black and white image of a hand touching a picture of a hand touching another picture of the same hand
Satellite view of the Tevatron at Fermilab, outside of Chicago, Illinois, a lopsided infinity outline in the middle of fields.
[ID: A black and white photograph of the sailing vessel, Teignmouth Electron, being hoisted into water by a larger boat only partially visible. Two men in bathing suits stand on the vessel, one is pushing off the large boat and the other is bent over looking down.]
The Gran Telescopio Canaria’s 2007 first light of Tycho 1205081, a star near Polaris
Satellite image of Prayag Kumbh Mela and the two physical rivers, the Ganga and Yamuna, converging on the surrounding land, a dazzling number of tightly packed structures.
A tiny grasshopper, the length of a fingernail, gently landed on someone's finger
A complex, carved architectural structure emerges from a mountain, looking like a series of cave-like rooms.
Surface of fractured concrete, with bacteria produced limestone scarring over the cracks via autogenous repair.
A solar tower system in the background is illuminated by the redirected rays of the sun via reflectors on the ground.
An aerial view of a mountainous landscape with snow covered peaks and a large deep bowl-shaped stratified hole in the center formed through mining.
A birds-eye view of a caldera, a lightly vegetated mountainous form with a large bowl-shaped depression in the center.
A black and white close-up image of a human eye and eyebrow, with a single tear emerging below the lower eyelid
Side view of a thin black smartphone against a black background, it is suspended in air and slightly tilting forward.
Centerview, a single blue whale is softly illuminated by a cool toned light source from above, the surrounding waters below are dark and opaque.
An aerial view of an enormous landslide across a countryside freeway in Taiwan, a tree covered hillside spilling over.
Fragments of bones laid out on a plain grey surface, parts of a pelvis and legs, the lower half of a human being perhaps.
Along the ridge of Mount Everest - by definition the most remote terrestrial location on earth - its precarious edge is dotted with a long line of colorful hikers winding their way upwards to make brief contact with the summit, and quickly snap a selfie.
The artwork “Litte ja Goabddá” by Ignacio Acosta, depicts a figure standing in the middle of a snowy field playing a handheld drum, slightly further back, a single drone hovers in the white sky.
Amidst the peak of the Andes mountains, two domed observatories sit, waiting to observe the night sky. One has a silver dome and white body and the other is entirely white, except for a cutout where a telescope can emerge
In centerview, various diagrams on the surface of a golden circle on a black background, a rendering of “The Golden Record”, a 12-inch analog record sent into space.
A photograph taped to a white wall, slightly tilted, displaying a breathtaking view from within a desert gorge, a perfectly spherical rainbow suspended in the center.
Side view of a large diesel generator with a light turquoise surface, it sits atop a short rectangular enclosure that is black with a slight sheen.
A view of stars, with a bright circular glimmer crossing them. The stars themselves are in movement, looking like short lines
The Skidi Pawnee star chart, displayed flat on a white background, an oblong artifact made from tanned elk skin, covered in star markings.
An ancient water mirror from the Tawantinsuyu, which looks like a carved circle that makes way for a layer of water to sit calmly on its surface in order to gaze into it and see a reflection
Two hands holding each other, their fingers interlaced and not quite perfeclty fitting into each other
A black and white illustration of one hemisphere of the night sky, from 1655
A bookshelf with four rows and two columns displays the iconic yellow spines of National Geographic magazines.
A pink monotone image of a mirrored, duplex house taped against a white background
In the midground, an elephant is carrying its stillborn offspring into the brushes on the right; the setting is dark and the colors are muted.
Panoramic night view of the megacity, Chongqing, with a neon illuminated Yangtze River horizontally winding through the center.
Atop a grey deck, a bright yellow tray filled with soil from a dig site, the color is striking against the muted tones.
A distant aerial view of a forested region. A few patches of white clouds create shadows on the landscape.
The calm surface of a serene pond with reflections of the cloud above and a tree in the background are gently disturbed by concentric ripples in the center.
A digital scan of the ruins of the boat, “Teignmouth Electron”, surrounded by greenery, the scene distorted into a bushy fragment.
A one-man chainsaw is photographed mid-action, flinging saw-dust into the air as it slices a cross-cut into tree-trunk.
Softly illuminated by the sun, a faint horizontal line is cast on the horizon of an ocean, the surface is dark and moody due to an overcast sky.
Satellite view of the headquarters of the company Apple, a massive circular building sits in the center, under construction, the surrounding terrain a patchy state of vegetation.
The planet Earth with Africa in the foreground, the right hand side illuminated by the sun.
Aerial view of a solar tower casting a long shadow across the Atacama desert, surrounded by a circular array of mirrors.
In the center of a black circular column, workers dressed in white inspect the satellite, Envisat, its various components covered in metallic foil, gold and silver.
Cover page of the Sandia Report, the upper half a series of texts aligned to the left, the lower half is filled with sketches of buildings and sites.
An almost completely black image of a dark sky with a rugged mountainous horizon seen underfoot. The image itself is taped against a white background with black tape
A bold red outline on a map is used to indicate the Semipalatinsk Test Site with a number of smaller zones delineated within.
A limestone rock shelter peeks out of a luscious, verdant landscape. A small, constructed metal shelter lies underfoot, protecting the ground beneath it
Portrait painting by Andrew Wyeth of his German model Helga Testorf, stoically gazing off to the left, with a loose standard braid on either side of her head
Painted map depicting an aerial plan of Senuffer’s garden in ancient Egypt, buildings and trees are drawn in profile.
Black and white image of a group of children, mostly out of frame, forming a circle on the ground by linking their right hands, with only the index fingers and the thumbs extended, with the person on either side of them.
Aerial view of an enormous circular indentation, the Sedan crater, a nuclear test site in a barren desert, the landscape is akin to that of a moon crater.
A view of the LSST camera. Measuring 5.5 by 9.8 feet, it is the biggest camera in the world
In the far distance, a steady stream of water falls from atop the “Auyán-Tepuí” mountain, down towards the clouds below.
Against a black backdrop, a rendering of the profile of a humanoid expressionless face stares off towards the right, the eyes a shallow blue.
Security camera footage from within a vacant cat cafe, a tall climbing structure, known as a “cat tree”, stands erect in the center.
This view, divided into two, the lower half being the ocean surface, dark and rippled, the upper half a soft grey sky, some light appearing along the horizon.
A vast aerial view of a landscape under clear blue skies. A circular depression in the earth is surrounded by jagged mountains.
A flat map of the world shown with an overlay of another map of the world with North pointing down. The areas that overlay each other represent the Antipodes.
A bird's eye view depicting a desert landscape. A rock formation surfaces the sand diagonally across the image forming concentric circles at the center of the image.
This square plastic enclosure, known as the Zip disk, matte black against a white background and sporting a pristine label on the front indicating its storage capacity of “100MB”.
Behind an empty couch, an ocean view open window, the wind enters to bring the white translucent curtains into motion.
Blurry view of the seafloor, with a murky blanket of muted green along the bottom, a deep blue in the background.
In the center, against a solid blue background, a subtle white outline of a circle, and in each corner of the poster is small white text pertaining to the event “Open Signal”.
A map of the globe that illustrates how modern countries would fit together, like colorful puzzle pieces, in the supercontinent of Pangea.
Aerial view of the Amazon rainforest, a large clearing reveals a circular communal living structure, built by the Yąnomamö tribe, with an open space inside.
A vintage magazine cover displays a buried grave amidst a lush patch of green grass. The cover reads "Psychology Today: Death."
A 3D virtual rendering depicting the skeleton of a neonate Neanderthal cradled upside down in a grouping of pelvic bones from a female adult Neanderthal. The background is a blue to black gradient.
A luscious, multicolored patch of flowers emerge from a missing square segment of concrete along a sidewalk
Atop the Andes Mountains, the Cerro Tololo observatory, backlit by a setting sun are four domed structures of varying sizes, they are all white, apart from the reflective dome of the largest structure.
An architectural excavation reveals the bone fragments of a small child, covered in red ochre staining and surrounded by faunal remnants.
Centerview, a partially constructed Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, atop a mountain in Chile at sunrise.
A figure holds up a silver eyelash curler, their tongue placed in the open clamp, along the top, a luminescent glare radiates fine white rays outwards.
A human child named Esmé, with curly blonde hair has a focused expression illuminated by small screen of a point-and-shoot camera, held above his head, and pointed towards the clear sky at twilight.
A scan of an image of night time showing a bare tree in the foreground and a group of 3 lightning strikes that mirror each other perfectly in the background
The Lagar Velho Shell Pendants, ochre pigmented small shells and teeth with circular holes carved out at the top, are displayed against a gray background held by some thread.
A person is underwater, their right arm extended upwards and out so as to hold up a brown fawn above the surface.
Satellite view of a green landmass with a fractaled shoreline, like the outline of the leaves of lettuce, surrounded by the ocean.
Aerial view of the Sudirman Mountains of Indonesia, where carved out of the center, a deep pit from which roads fractal their way outwards in every direction through green mountainsides.
Vera C. Rubin measuring spectra in the 1970s
Profile view of an unlabeled Video Home System, or VHS, with the entire tape, visible through the transparent plastic, on the left hand side.
A purple tinted photograph of the mountain of Tonnachu, within the Federated States of Micronesia. It is dome shaped, as if an enormous ball was inflated from within.
Close up view of a person leaning into a Venus fly trap, one of the leaves clamped shut on their tongue extended.
Vintage photograph in black and white of children playing with sparklers at night on a beach in Provincetown, taken by Robert Frank in 1958, Untitled.
Against a white background, thin brown sticks are arranged into a square frame, inside, a diagonal criss cross all throughout, broken up intermittently by less uniform arrangements of sticks.
On sepia toned paper, a simple line drawing depicting, centerview, a Grecian boat afloat in water.
The top half of a newborn infant underwater, during a water birth, with a reddish pale face, the eyes are closed and mouth slightly agape.
Aerial view of a circular building structure designed by architects Stamo and Markelov, the surrounding areas both inside and outside of the circle are covered in greenery.
The Sony MZ-1, a MiniDisc, housed within a plastic square enclosure, a circular metallic disc reflecting a gradient of splendid colors.
Centerview, a textural sun, with an intense orange glow along the outer edge that softly diffuses outwards against the black backdrop of space.
A graphical diagram depicting the Smith Chart, housed within a circle is what can be best described as a gridded wormhole that bends towards the right.
A printed image taped to a white wall depicting an archeological site with a swallow circular hole echoes by another close by circle marking on some soil.
A large fragment of a Babylonian clay tablet, fractured and crumbled, but a clear depiction of their world map visible.
Dozens of tan colored marble statues on white pedestals are on display in a museum, towering grey columns in the background.
An altered film still from the infamous late 80’s movie, ‘Begotten’ depicting two stange, cloaked figures hovering in a cloud.
A printed diagram of the Golden Ratio, the lines are bold and the paper askew, taped to a white background with green tape.
A green tinged mummified hand and forearm, with bone protruding, of a premature baby holding a copper coin.
In the distance, centerview, a massive crater on fire in the middle of the desert in Turkmenistan. The air is foggy and the colors are muted against the intense red glow.
A night time view of three traffic lights, shrouded in fog, each emitting a band of red, yellow and green simultaneously.
Tethered to a white line, a triangular kite soars above, its rainbow checkered pattern against the clear blue sky.
A Chinese star manual from the Tian wen bei kao (Guide to Astronomy) by Pingbo in 1790
A worker on a lower deck is using ropes to hoist a whale out of the water, its body pressed against the side of the boat, creating waves below.
On a white backdrop, an assortment of 10 black objects that include: a steering wheel, rock, printer, socks, dildo, an SLR camera, and more.
A black and white poster titled, “Thirteen Year Plan” by Tehching Hsieh, his name written at the top in a bold white font, just below, the duration of the work “DEC 31 1986 - 1999 DEC 31”, followed by a large blank white rectangle, the years listed in numerical order and finally the word “EARTH” centered at the bottom.
An image depicting glass building in the shape of two thirds of a sphere with a warm interior lighting.
Blue toned map of the migration of early Humans, the southeastern half of Africa is shaded and emerging out of that are long arrows spreading across the globe.